The Trouble With Knitting…

Ruby: Ginger – wake up!

Ginger: Hmph? What? Why? Did Lightbulb let you into my home?

Ruby: …you walk into my house unannounced all the time.

Ginger: You have a mat that says ‘Welcome’ on it in bold letters. I take it as an invitation.

Ruby: Whatever. Wake up.

Ginger: I repeat – Hmph? What? Why?

Ruby: The yarn store is having a huge sale for two more days.

Ginger: There’s a store that sells only yarn, or is it a store made entirely out of yarn?

Ruby: You are almost as amusing as my husband.

Ginger: Did he also demand to know why you woke him up at five thirty two in the morning?

Ruby: He was already awake.

Ginger: Why are you in my home?

Ruby: Because your apartment is on the way to the yarn store. And you do this to me all the time. And payback is…so much more fun on this side of being awake at five thirty two in the morning. And the store isn’t open until seven.

Ginger: I don’t think I like payback…

Ruby: Fly didn’t either. He told me to bother you.

Ginger: Why? What have I ever done to him?

Ruby: The list goes on with every day you enter our home unannounced.

Ginger: I shall start to announce myself as I enter your home from this day forth. Now, leave and allow me to return to sleep.

Ruby: I need someone to tell me to not go overboard in the store.

Ginger: You have a husband. He said vows. In those vows, there was some mention of “in sickness, in health, in good times, in bad, at all hours of the morning when Ginger is sleeping and there’s no possibility of seeing Nathan Fillion holding a cup of coffee invitingly…”

Ruby: I don’t think that last part was in our vows. At all.

Ginger: I may have gotten distracted. I don’t recall exactly what you said. But I’m pretty sure your husband is required by law to attend yarn store sales with you.

Ruby: That’s not a law. Besides, Fly has an excuse.

Ginger: So do I! I’m sleeping!

Ruby: He’s working. His excuse trumps yours.

Ginger: …fine. But only because I want to see if the store itself is made of yarn or not.

Ruby: I won’t spoil the surprise.

Ginger: Fly knows you’re just going to keep knitting scarves and blankets and sweaters and hats until the end of days, right?

Ruby: I’ve moved on. Here’s what I’m looking to do this week.

Ginger: …does Fly know this is no longer a hobby but a full-blown addiction?

Ruby: He’s aware that the yarn box has doubled in size. And that the amount of yarn in the box never depletes, despite the amount of knitted products that come out of it.

Ginger: Fascinating.

Ruby: Yes. He’s started referring to the knitting box as the Tribble Incubator.

Ginger: …huh.

Ruby: If you don’t know what a tribble is…

Ginger: I was watching Star Trek before you.

Ruby: I was going to say ‘if you don’t know what a tribble is, you’re more asleep than I realized.’

Ginger: Just…fetchéz la café.

Ruby: You know that’s not real French, right?

Ginger: You know that asking me to keep you in check at a yarn store after waking me up at unnatural hours of the morning is not your greatest move, right?

Ruby: …I’m gonna flood the house with tribbles, aren’t I?

Ginger: But they’re gonna be adorable and cuddly and handmade.

…somewhere, across town, in a hospital hallway…

Fly: …oh no…

Nurse: Doctor? Are you okay?

Fly: Are you a sci-fi fan at all?

Nurse: Um…not really. Why?

Fly: If you were, what I’m about to say would cause you physical pain in your inner nerd.

Nurse: …okay…?

Fly: I feel a great disturbance in the Force – tribbles.

back in Ginger’s apartment…

Ginger: OW!

Ruby: …did you just stub your toe?

Ginger: No. Get the car, Ruby. It’s time to hit the yarn store.

Ruby: I love mornings here!

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