It’s Not Work If You Like It…

One dreary Friday morning, in an office nearby…

Lee: Hey, Ruby, I hate to do this last-minute, but I’m sort of lending you to Odette’s team today. And maybe Monday. But probably not past Tuesday. Or Wednesday at the latest.

Ruby: …why do you hate me?

Across town, in an equally dreary office, a phone rings

Ginger: Good morning, this is Ginger.

Jerry: Ginger, hi, this is Jerry – I heard you’re pretty good with PowerPoint.

Ginger: Hi Jerry, um…yes, I can work pretty well in PowerPoint. Are you having trouble with something in particular?

Jerry: I’m going to send you something, it’s just, I have the information and I need to put it into a graph, but it might work better in a chart. There’s a lot of information and I need to keep it under five slides.

Ginger: Okay, well, you can send it to me and I’ll work on it now. I have some time.

Jerry: Yeah, I’m going to send you this, but I want to make sure I have it all set for you.

Ginger: That makes sense. Send it when you’re ready. I’ll be here all day today.

Jerry: Okay, I just need to get a few more lines on here and then I’ll send you this.

Ginger: Okay. Sounds good.

In our first office of dreariness…

Odette: Please may I ask that you update the team’s status report presentation to reflect everything that you’re working on so that I can better determine who has capacity to take on new work.

Ruby: Do you mean the spreadsheet?

Odette: Oh, yes, the spreadsheet that I will then read to create the presentation.

Ruby: Will do. Anything else?

Odette: Please may I ask you help Terry with his project?

Ruby: What help does he need?

Odette: I’m not sure, but his manager said he needed some guidance. Please may I ask that you go talk to him about it.

Ruby: Is this more urgent than everything else I’m working on or maybe just everything except that one thing that we need sooner-than-yesterday?

Odette: Just fit it in and let me know if it’ll cause any problems once you talk to Terry.

Ruby: Will do.

In the other office of equal drearidom…

Ginger: Good morning, this is – oh, hi, Jerry.

Jerry: Ginger, glad I caught you. I’m just about to send you these slides, but I wanted to make sure you still have time today.

Ginger: Um…yeah, I just finished up a separate project as you called, so, yeah. Send the email and I can get to work on it. When did you need it back?

Jerry: Well, the meeting is next Friday, so I was hoping I could send this to you today and then you could see what you can do and then get it back to me by, oh, I don’t know…Monday or Tuesday?

Ginger: Absolutely. That gives me plenty of time. Send it on over.

Jerry: Great. I’m going to send this to you and if you could just look it over and call me if something doesn’t make sense. I want to make sure you have what you need.

Ginger: That’s fine. Whenever you put it in the email and shoot it my way…I’m ready…

Jerry: That’s what I like to hear. Okay, I’m going to send this to you. Should be in your inbox in a few minutes.

Ginger: Okie dokie…I’m here…whenever…

Jerry: All rightie.

Ginger: …so you sent it?

Jerry: Hmm? Oh, not yet, exactly, I was just looking it over – I’m going to send it to you, though.

Ginger: …should I…go to lunch or…?

…Dreary Office, The First…

Odette: Please may I ask you to give me a status update on the thing we need sooner-than-yesterday?

Ruby: There are no major problems, but it is going to take another week to finish.

Odette: I need to report on it to the CEO. Please may I ask you to write a presentation on how it’s going.

Ruby: Would you like the thing to take a week and a day with a presentation or take just a week?

Odette: Maybe you could ask Kate to write the presentation or help you?

Ruby: She knows nothing about the project.

Odette: Never mind then.

Ruby: Will do.

…Dreary Office, The Second…

Ginger: Good afternoon, Jerry, how was lunch?

Jerry: Hi, Ginger, lunch was good, we had a potluck thing here for Annie’s retirement…

Ginger: I don’t know Annie. But congrats to her. I’m looking for your email, but I don’t seem to see it…did I accidentally delete it or…?

Jerry: Yeah, sorry, I didn’t get to send it yet. But I’m going to send you this, and I cannot apologize enough for the delay – do you think you’ll be able to work on it today?

Ginger: Have you sent it yet?

Jerry: I’m going to send it right now…

Ginger: …like, right now or…just…nowish?

Jerry: …um…

Ginger: I can wait.

Jerry: Right…okay, you should have it…now, all I need is—

Ginger: The formatting is done now – you wanted it all in the same style, I’m assuming?

Jerry: …uh…yes…how did you—

Ginger: I’m moving the data from slide 4 to slide 3 and reducing the font size and putting it into a table. It’ll still be readable, and with the color scheme I chose, the important bits will stand out a bit more. You wanted lines 6, 7 and 8 to pop, right?

Jerry: …well, yeah, but…I couldn’t—

Ginger: I’m also going to make the page numbers automatic and the title of each slide consistent so the audience isn’t twitching every time a new slide pops up, is that a deal?

Jerry: I tried to…um…where did you learn—

Ginger: Okay, it’s down to four slides, two have charts and one has a table and I’m going to send this to you…just…

Jerry: …just?

Ginger: Yeah. I’m going to send this to you…just…as soon…as…

…Drearily, we return to office one…

Ruby: Hi, Terry, I heard you need some help?

Terry: I do?

Ruby: That’s what I heard.

Terry: I’ve got the meeting under control.

Ruby: It was about your project?

Terry: Oh, right, that!

Ruby: What do you need?

Terry: Please may I ask you to review this document and help me fix up the colors and fonts?

Ruby: That’s all you need?

Terry: Well, maybe the headers and footers too.

Ruby: Will do.

…Drearily, we return to office two…

Jerry: …just…as soon as…I…learn…my…?

Ginger: Wow, the Force is strong with this one…

Jerry: What?

Ginger: Just as soon as you learn your…c’mon, buddy, it’s not that difficult a conclusion…

Jerry: …ABC’s?

Ginger: …yes. Here.

Jerry: Okay, I just got it and…wow. You’re…really good… This looks amazing.

Ginger: Yeah. Next time, just send it to me.

Jerry: I will. How did you even know which lines needed to stand out?

Ginger: I wasn’t always an office lackey. I speak many languages. Kaithanxbai!

Jerry: What? Oh. Bye…

Ginger: sigh.

…one last time…to the first office, we drearily trudge…

Ruby: Hello, this is Ruby—oh, Ginger, I’m so glad it’s you…

Ginger: How’s your day? Because mine was on pins and…………

Ruby: …other stabby items?

Ginger: Obviously. Can I come over tonight?

Ruby: Please may I ask you to show up at my house after work today with wine and chocolate?

Ginger: Not if you ask that way.

Ruby: Sorry… I can’t think where I’ve heard that, but for some reason it just slipped out. WINE. CHOCOLATE. TODAY.

Ginger: I’m going to bring this to you.

Ruby: Do not lie to me.



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