T is for Turing Test!

Ginger: Hey, Ruby, do you know any questions from the Turing Test?

Ruby: …you mean the test used to determine if an A.I. is capable of intelligent behavior indistinguishable from human behavior?

Ginger: Yeah, that thing, Ms. Wikipedia.

Ruby: …why?

Ginger: Is that a question from the test or are you scared that if I take it, I won’t pass?

Ruby: I just want to make sure you’re not going to start printing off business cards that claim you’re a Blade Runner.

Ginger: …that’s an OPTION?!

Ruby: Let’s skip that. Why do you need questions from the Turing Test?

Ginger: …no reason.

Ruby: First, I don’t think you understand what a Turing Test is. It’s not like an IQ test you can take online. You have two respondents who will answer questions only when submitted in writing, and then you…oh no.

Ginger: Then I…oh no? That makes little to no sense.

Ruby: You were webchatting with someone and now you think they’re a robot, don’t you?

Ginger: He keeps claiming he’s a human being, but I seriously doubt it.

Ruby: This is why I told you no more chatrooms!

Ginger: That was, like, six years ago. I thought the ban was lifted.

Ruby: It’s not. Now, show me what you’ve done…

Ginger: You’re not going to like it.

Ginger Turing

Ruby: So…basically, you just annoyed the one person who was willing to help you fix your computer issues.

Ginger: My computer issues fixed themselves as soon as I closed the chat box. He was clearly a robot.

Ruby: Did you take that question directly from Blade Runner?

Ginger: Pretty much, yeah. Although, it was pretty ironic that the question could be an analogy for the predicament in which we were trapped…

Ruby: Why are you not helping, Ginger?

Ginger: Because it’s always more fun to watch the A.I. squirm. But I’d totally help a tortoise. And then wash my hands. They carry diseases.

Ruby: Please leave the IT people alone in the future.

Ginger: Fine. I’ll just call you!

Ruby: …on second thought…?


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