Lightbulb’s Love Life Looks Lifeless

Ginger: Lightbulb is going to love his new friend!

Ruby: I still can’t believe I let you talk me into this.

Ginger: It was early morning and I was in a yarn store with barely any caffeine in me…

Ruby: You had three cups – on the ride over to the yarn store!

Ginger: And you had tricked me into believing it was a store made of yarn.

Ruby: You weren’t listening to logic.

Ginger: When do I listen to logic?

Ruby: …the signs were all there. I don’t know how I missed them.

Ginger: I can’t wait to see how Lightbulb will react when I give him Mrs. Lollipop!

Ruby: …you named it Mrs. Lollipop??

Ginger: Well, of course. What would you name a rubber chicken knitted entirely out of yarn?

Ruby: Yolanda.

Ginger: There you have it. Her name is Mrs. Yolanda Lollipop. She’s a widow, of course, otherwise, why would she be interested in Lightbulb’s manly musk?

Ruby: Okay, for the last time, Lightbulb is a CHICKEN. Not a ROOSTER.

Ginger: So you’re not denying chickens have musk?

Ruby: …I give up.

Ginger: Oh! Look! Lightbulb is snuggling with Mrs. Lollipop!

Ruby: …that is honestly the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

Ginger: Meh. I’ve seen weirder.

Ruby: …when you were awake?

Ginger: Oh. Then…no.


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