Find the Hidden Matt Damon Reference

Ruby: Bwah-hah-ha! Cower before me, mere mortal!

Ginger: Have you been drinking my water again?

Ruby: I rescued my husband from hordes of zombies…

Ginger: Seriously, my water does things to you and you should really know better by now.

Ruby: And I defeated my husband in a game of world domination…

Ginger: That explains the new flag I haven’t seen yet. Are you commissioning me for the design? I might have some you could use – we can just write over my name…oh, not this one, though. You just can’t name a planet ‘Bob’…

Ruby: And I made scones! Delicious, delicious scones!

Ginger: And we get to the crux of the matter.

Ruby: They’re really good.

Ginger: Blueberry?

Ruby: No. Craisin.

Ginger: Blueberry would be really good.

Ruby: Are you snubbing my awesomely delicious scones?

Ginger: Not at all. I’m just suggesting for future scone-making-world-dominating-zombie-defeating weekends that blueberry would be really good.

Ruby: You don’t have to eat my zombie-defeating scones that dominated the world.

Ginger: Okay, seriously, you drank some of my water, didn’t you?

Ruby: For the last time, you can’t bottle “Being Odd In An Adorable Manner.”

Ginger: Then why does my waterbottle have that written on it, followed by one of those little c’s in a circle?

Ruby: You have too much time on your hands and a permanent marker.

Ginger: Can you make watermelon scones?

Ruby: The next time I dominate the world, I’ll do what I can. And by “watermelon,” you really mean “Craisin,” right?

Ginger: How did you dominate the world?

Ruby: Bio-terrorism.

Ginger: Does this have anything to do with the zombies?

Ruby: In a Ginger-Word-Math kind of a way…

Ginger: Hm. Let me think about this one.

Ruby: You’ll never guess.

Ginger: You hid Fly’s iPad when he finally went to bed after playing Plants Vs. Zombies for 28 hours straight and when he woke up in a mild state of foggy confusion, convinced him to play Pandemic with you where you used his confusion and the expansion set to your advantage so that you could be a Bio-Terrorist and start the pandemic in the virus-version of Risk. And in the midst of everything, suddenly had a craving for scones so made them on a whim.

Ruby: Close.

Ginger: Where was I wrong?

Ruby: Pandemic is not a “virus-version of Risk.” And I made the scones on a cookie sheet, not a whim.

Ginger: Of course.

Ruby: How did you get the rest?

Ginger: I not only majored in Word Math – I have a PhD in it.

Ruby: You only get to say such things because you made up Word Math.

Ginger: Granted. But I like to be an expert in fields I make up.

Ruby: And who could blame you?

Ginger: RIGHT?!


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