Usually One Says Hello First

Ginger: Plot holes are one thing, reality holes are another.

Ruby: One of these days, I’ll teach you how to answer the phone…

Ginger: Look, it’s one thing to have a gaping hole in the plot and not even bother explaining it in the deleted scenes or the director’s edition – yes, I’m looking at you, Jupiter Ascending and Blade Runner – but to just leave out explanations of what exactly happened is just criminal.

Ruby: …I was really just calling to see if you were coming over for dinner tonight…

Ginger: I mean, I eventually accepted that Ryan Reynolds fell asleep and then woke up to find a snake in the coffin with him in Buried, okay? I could come around to that, even though that still didn’t explain how the snake got into the coffin.

Ruby: …with your allergies, it’s hard to try new recipes unless I know you’re not coming over and I don’t want to poison you…usually…

Ginger: But when a bus rolls down a hillside and then three characters are outside the bus when they wake up, I start looking for the logic.

Ruby: …this recipe looks really good, but it has a peanut sauce involved…

Ginger: Did they get up and walk out in a shocked state and then pass out again? Were they thrown from the bus? If so, how, since there’s no physical reason behind where they woke up!

Ruby: …but if you’re not coming over because you’re still talking about a movie no one else watched recently, then, I can make this recipe because Fly will like it.

Ginger: And if they got up and walked around in a fugue state, why not show that? It’s a film! We get it! We’ve seen this type of thing before!

Ruby: Are you done yet?

Ginger: I had dinner plans tonight with Elle, so you should make your peanut sauce recipe.

Ruby: That’s really all I needed to know.

Ginger: That may be what you think you needed to know.

Ruby: You should really stop watching Buried eventually.

Ginger: I’m building a resistance to it!!

Ruby: That may be what you think you’re doing.


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