Spider Love-Web

Ginger: He left me.

Ruby: …who did?

Ginger: Ewan McSpider. I sort of always knew he’d leave me.

Ruby: Could you be less vague?

Ginger: I could, but where would the fun be?

Ruby: In understanding you?

Ginger: There’s never enough fun in that.

Ruby: You haven’t tried it.

Ginger: …we could try it and see how it plays out.

Ruby: Okay. So, who is Ewan McSpider?

Ginger: The spider who lives in my kitchen. Well, lived. He’s gone now.

Ruby: Did you kill the spider?

Ginger: No. I learned to love him.

Ruby: Is that why you named him after Ewan McGregor?

Ginger: No. I named him after Ewan McGregor because Moulin Rouge was playing in the other room when I discovered him.

Ruby: Right. Okay.

Ginger: But now he’s gone. And I just got used to having him in the kitchen.

Ruby: Where do you think he went?

Ginger: Probably under the fridge.

Ruby: Right. You know, normal people just kill spiders found in the kitchen. They don’t name them and fall in love with them.

Ginger: When have I ever been normal?

Ruby: Good point.


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