Fly: Peel.

Ginger: That’s not a word!

Ruby: Yes it is. It’s medical.

Fly: Peel.

Ginger: How are you doing this?!

Ruby: Ooh! I got ‘REVENGE’ to connect with ‘SWEET.’ It’s just so…perfect.

Ginger: Okay, wait, just hold up, okay?

Fly: Peel.

Ruby: Wow…I didn’t even know there were enough letters to get ‘EXCOMMUNICATE’ and ‘EXTERMINATE’ in the same game.


Ruby: You have more than Q’s and O’s. That’s a Z.

Fly: Peel.

Ginger: You just wait until my mom plays against you…THEN you’ll know how this feels!

Fly: I’m just hurt that Ruby played without me.

Ruby: I thought it would distract her from discussing the upcoming Captain America movie.

Fly: Did it? Peel.

Ruby: I think it actually gave her power…

Fly: Well, now you know better.

Ruby: This is true.

Fly: Peel.

Ginger: I refuse your peel. You must submit your request in triplicate form.

Fly: What if I just spell it out three times on my board?

Ruby: I thought you were playing with the additional challenge of no words less than four letters on your board.

Fly: I thought that was already a rule in the game…

Ginger: IT IS…when you play.

Fly: Is that why you have ‘QI’ and ‘ZOO’? And they’re not even connected…I thought the board had to be connected…

Ruby: It does. Look, I got ‘SUCKER’ and ‘PUNCH’ on my board. All this without even trying.

Ginger: That’s because your husband is doing all the heavy lifting.

Fly: Peel.

Ruby: Hey, I take my wins where I get them. You could have played Settlers of Catan.

Ginger: You always win in that game!

Ruby: …well, you’re not winning in this game, either.

Ginger: …true…

Fly: Peel.


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