Distracted By Pretty Shinies…

Ginger: Do you know how awesome Sasha Roiz is?

Ruby: Absolutely. So awesome. Drink this glass of water.

Ginger: He is. He is just so super awesome. When did I get this water? I am really thirsty.

Ruby: Just drink the water, Ginger

Ginger: Oh! And did I tell you about the Japanese style painter who had all these amazing prints of iconic superhero moments and Star Wars moments in traditional Japanese style paintings?

Ruby: I’m sure you did. Eat this granola bar.

Ginger: It was nothing short of amazing. When did I get this granola bar? I am really hungry…

Ruby: Why do you do this?

Ginger: Do what?

Ruby: You go to C2E2 or other cons and you get so excited by all the pretty, shiny things that you forget to hydrate and eat food until you’re falling asleep on my couch as you tell me about all the pretty, shiny things at the convention.

Ginger: No, I don’t. Oh. Wait. I do. Did I tell you I met Rincewind and Twoflower from the Discworld series? They were there.

Ruby: And all the literary nerds flipped out, I’m sure.

Ginger: Only the cool ones.

Ruby: Of course.

Ginger: Can I have more water? And another granola bar?

Ruby: I’m pulling these granola bars from your own backpack. That means you brought food with you…and still didn’t eat anything.

Ginger: Well…but…did I tell you I met Sasha Roiz? He plays Sean Renard on Grimm. I like Grimm.

Ruby: I know you do…

Ginger: He was so awesome…

Ruby: Are you…Ginger, are you asleep??

Ginger: We can name the baby Rosalee Monroe…it’s okay…

Ruby: sigh… Every. Time.


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