Co-Demented Cold

Ruby: Mmmph…h’llo?

Ginger: Ask your husband the doctor what I should do about this cold I have.

Ruby: I’m pretty sure he’ll just tell you what he told me – rest, vitamins, liquids.

Ginger: When did you get a cold?

Ruby: It started on Tuesday. You?

Ginger: Wednesday. Did you give me your cold?

Ruby: We haven’t seen each other since you came over Sunday night. There’s no way I could have given you this cold.

Ginger: We’ve emailed. You could have given me a computer-transmitted-disease. A computer virus!

Ruby: That’s not how computer viruses work. I’m sure we don’t have the same cold. Mine started with a cough that had no other symptoms.

Ginger: I had sinus pressure that would ordinarily accompany a cough, but no sinus issues otherwise.

Ruby: Oh…my…word…we have a co-demented cold!

Ginger: See? SEE? …ow… you did give me your cold!

Ruby: Only half of it!

Ginger: Because I wanted more than a sliver of it?

Ruby: Why would you want any part of a cold?

Ginger: I don’t know – you shared in the only time in the history of the world where sharing is the opposite of caring!

Ruby: I’m sorry I email-shared my cold with you.

Ginger: Just tell your husband the doctor that co-demented colds exist and now he has to cure both of us.

Ruby: I’ll do what I can.

Ginger: Good.

Ruby: I’ll take some vitamin C, you go get some bedrest and we’ll get through this together, okay?

Ginger: Yeah…okay.


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