Dare-Ginger Sounds Scarier Than Ginger-Devil

Ruby: Ginger…what are you doing?

Ginger: Watching over my city.

Ruby: …your city?

Ginger: Yes. Because if I don’t watch over it, bad things will happen.

Ruby: Okay, question for you, though…

Ginger: Yes?

Ruby: How are you watching over “your” city with that…I’m going to pretend it’s a mask…pulled down over your face?

Ginger: I’m…well, okay, so, I’m sort of, more, listening over my city.

Ruby: Shouldn’t you cut eyeholes in there? If you bump into something, I’m not getting you any ice for bumps or bruises.

Ginger: Daredevil never bumps into things.

Ruby: …Daredevil? Oh no…you binge-watched the entire second season, didn’t you?

Ginger: Well, I had to do something while I waited for the cable guy.

Ruby: So you binge-watched Daredevil?

Ginger: Well, the TV wasn’t working. So. Yeah.

Ruby: Great…and now I get to live with the consequences.

Ginger: Well, the cable guy never showed. So. Yeah.

Ruby: I’m not calling you “Dare-Ginger.”

Ginger: How about “Ginger-Devil?”

Ruby: …no.

Ginger: This is probably when I should develop a really cool superhero name…

Ruby: It would probably get in the way of your plans to be a supervillainess.

Ginger: …oh, yeah. That’s true.

Ruby: Well. You have a choice now. Superheroine or supervillainess?

Ginger: …um…

Ruby: Save the world or conquer it.

Ginger: Don’t rush me!

Ruby: That’s the Ginger we all know and tolerate…Indecisive Girl.

Ginger: What if I save the world by conquering it?

Ruby: Well, then you’re a true supervillainess.

Ginger: Oh, good. I already have that name picked out.

Ruby: What is it?

Ginger: Comcast CEO.

Ruby: …that sends chills down my spine.

Ginger: Why do you think I chose it?


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