Adventures in Traveling

Fly: So…where are we going again?
Ruby: Ginger got on the wrong bus to come here, fell asleep and now thinks she’s in Canada.
Fly: Yes, but…where are we going?
Ruby: We have to go pick her up.
Fly: From…Canada?
Ruby: From Missouri.
Fly: …okay, out of curiosity, does she know what direction Canada is from here?
Ruby: She thought Missouri was Canada. At this point, I’m not sure she knows Canada is a country.
Fly: …okay. Out of curiosity…why are we the ones who have to go collect her from Missouri?
Ruby: If I were stuck in Missouri, Ginger would stop the world to come collect me.
Fly: Okay. Let’s go to Missouri.
Ruby: We might have to go to Iowa.
Fly: Why?
Ruby: You know that rule children are taught about getting lost?
Fly: When you get lost, stay where you are the moment you realize you’re lost. That way, you’re easier to be found.
Ruby: Right. Ginger’s method of getting found is “stay where you are, call someone who can find you, get distracted by something floating in the air, decide you want ice cream, forget that you’re lost, decide you can get home on your own and that way you can get ice cream without disrupting anyone else’s schedule.”
Fly: So, she’d go to Iowa?
Ruby: Depending on where she is, she might go to Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Illinois…
Fly: This could take a while?
Ruby: Which is why you’re coming with me. You get to drive while I call and text her to find out where she is as time progresses.
Fly: …yay?
Ruby: Who doesn’t love a spontaneous, ever-changing scavenger hunt road trip?
Fly: Do I get to say me?
Ruby: No.
Fly: In that case – yay! Road adventure!

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