Adulting We Will Go…

Ginger: I’m bored.

Ruby: No one told you to come over here. I did warn you.

Ginger: But I’m bored. And ignoring warnings is usually more exciting.

Ruby: What kind of warnings have you ignored in the past?

Ginger: A lot of “Elevator Under Repair – Please Use Stairs.”

Ruby: That explains…nothing.

Ginger: I get to push the button and wait for the elevator that will probably never come.

Ruby: How is that more exciting than sitting on my couch waiting for me to finish filling out these forms?

Ginger: Are the forms for buying a helicopter?

Ruby: No, Ginger, they’re not. They are forms for the neighborhood association.

Ginger: Urgh. That sounds like being an adult. I thought I made myself firmly clear on the fact that I am against being an adult.

Ruby: Yes, your Peter Pan-themed bathroom says that very firmly.

Ginger: Being an adult is filled with forms and boredom. I prefer a life that is filled with wonder and excitement and adventure!

Ruby: Like waiting for an elevator that will never show up?

Ginger: Some days…yes.

Ruby: How is it any different from what I’m doing right now?

Ginger: I can walk away and take the stairs whenever I feel like it. It’s an adventure in decision making!

Ruby: …good point.

Ginger: So, we can go play in the park now?

Ruby: I still have these forms, Ginger…

Ginger: But there are swings to be swung and slides to be slid and monkey bars to bar monkeys and a merry-go-round to go ‘round merrily!

Ruby: …I bet I can swing higher than you!

Ginger: Woohoo!! Let’s go!!!


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