Ready and Vigilant

Fly: Ruby?

Ruby: Sleeping.

Fly: Cute. You have to deal with something downstairs.

Ruby: Seriously? I married a big strong man so that I could be the one to deal with a spider on the table?

Fly: …worse. It’s a Ginger on the couch. I’m going to work. See you tonight. Love you!

… … …

Ruby: Ginger, why are you sitting on my couch at 5:30 in the morning?

Ginger: Because Captain America: Civil War opens in theatres today. I’m ready to go when you are.

Ruby: …you understand that I have work today, right?

Ginger: Yes. I took today off, so that I could be ready the moment you’re ready, though. So, pretend I’m not here.

Ruby: Do you think that’s going to work?

Ginger: Probably not. But don’t worry. I’m ready to go the moment you give in.

Ruby: Ginger…I do have work today.
Ginger: And I understand. But there’s nothing to worry about. I’m ready to go as soon as you’re finished.

Ruby: What if I’m ready at 4:45 PM and all the showings are sold out?

Ginger: I thought of that. I have bought two tickets for every showing today. I am ready to go the moment you are.

Ruby: …wow…

Ginger: So, don’t worry. I’m ready.

Ruby: When is the first showing?

Ginger: Apparently theatres don’t open until like, 11:00 or something.

Ruby: Take a nap until then.

Ginger: Why?

Ruby: Because I’m assuming you got here at 5:00, which means you left your home at 4:00 AM and that means you got up around 3:30.

Ginger: 3:15 AM.

Ruby: Yeah…so…take a nap or you’ll fall asleep mid-movie. And I won’t tell you what happened while you slept.

Ginger: …that’s a good point. Do you have a blanket?

Ruby: It’s on the chair. I’m going back to bed for another hour.


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