Sprinkles Are For Winners

Ruby: So, did you like the movie?

Ginger: Very much so.

Ruby: …you were crying towards the end.

Ginger: Yes. My heart shattered a little bit.

Ruby: I was concerned you were crying because you realized the movie was ending and you would have to leave the theatre finally.

Ginger: Well…there was that, too.

Ruby: Ginger, I can only sit through a movie two, maybe three times, on a good day.

Ginger: But I bought all those tickets…I wanted to make it worth it.

Ruby: Yeah. You could have just checked times with me in advance. And then, just bought one set of tickets.

Ginger: But…then we wouldn’t have seen the movie three times.

Ruby: Yeah. I know.

Ginger: I allowed for bathroom breaks.

Ruby: Yes. Thank you for that.

Ginger: I try.

Ruby: Can we go home now?

Ginger: …I suppose.

Ruby: Ginger…you know Captain America will be back in another movie or two, right?

Ginger: …yeah…

Ruby: And you know you’ll be able to buy this movie on DVD or Blu-Ray or whatever in just a few months, right?

Ginger: …it’s just not the same…

Ruby: What if I buy you an ice cream on the way home?

Ginger: …can I have sprinkles on it?

Ruby: Only if you don’t make me watch this movie again.

Ginger: I can’t promise that.

Ruby: I know. But can I have a few months before I see it again?

Ginger: ….can I have sprinkles on my ice cream?

Ruby: …fine.

Ginger: We have avoided our own civil war!

Ruby: Oh, if only Tony and Steve had thought of ice cream with sprinkles. Then I could have had 7.5 hours of my life back.

Ginger: …yeah. Ice cream with sprinkles solve so many problems.


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