For The Love of Stan Lee!

Ginger: Augh! This is killing me!

Ruby: …the spaghetti?

Fly: I thought she was doing fine, once we gave her the spoon…

Ginger: No, I can’t talk about Captain America: Civil War because SOMEONE hasn’t bothered to see it yet!

Ruby: What, exactly, about the spaghetti made you think of Captain America: Civil War?

Ginger: I can’t say, because I don’t want to spoil the movie for Fly!

Fly: You can spoil it, Ginger, I don’t know when I’ll get to sit down and watch it.

Ruby: Yeah, his job doesn’t exactly allow for a lot of sit-through-a-movie-in-a-theatre time.

Fly: I haven’t been able to watch a movie in one sitting, let alone in a theatre.

Ginger: …that’s crazy talk.

Ruby: That’s true, Ginger. Working on-call at the hospital makes it difficult to see a movie in one sitting…without falling asleep.

Fly: You said you weren’t going to tell her that!

Ruby: She was going to find out eventually.

Ginger: Wait, what? You fell asleep? In a MOVIE?

Ruby: There was a lot of dialogue…

Fly: And the tree only said one line over and over…


Ruby: He was sleepy. And he’s so cute when he’s asleep…

Ginger: But you did go back and watch all of Guardians of the Galaxy, right?

Fly: …well………

Ginger: RUBY!

Ruby: Look, Ginger, he’s really behind on Marvel movies. But he seems to be well-adjusted otherwise…

Ginger: How could he be behind? Oh…that’s right…I dragged Ruby to see Antman without you…and you were out of town when we saw Avengers: Age of Ultron…you fell asleep during Guardians of the Galaxy

Ruby: …have you even seen a Marvel movie?

Fly: Are you switching sides in this argument? Now?

Ginger: It’s okay, we can fix this. You have a vacation scheduled for next month, right?

Fly: …um, we were going to go out of town…

Ruby: This isn’t my fault.

Fly: YOUR spaghetti made her think of Captain America: Civil War.

Ruby: YOU wanted spaghetti tonight.

Ginger: Okay, I’ve mentally mapped out how we’ll get through the movies without narcoleptic episodes of any sort. In order to save time, though, you will be limited to three pause-for-clarification-questions per movie. I will allow for bathroom breaks, but you should not abuse the ability to pause-for-bathroom-emergencies loophole, or everyone loses.

Fly: YOU asked me what to make for dinner tonight.

Ruby: YOU didn’t want lasagna.

Ginger: Now, I can prepare popcorn for one movie per day, but if we eat nothing but popcorn while we work our way through the movies, we will get sick, so please submit your requests for other movie-related food items at least a week in advance and remember to type or write clearly. If I read it as “nacho chips with chocolate drizzle,” you will get corn chips with Hershey’s syrup.

Ruby: What about fresh fruit?

Fly: What about skipping the whole idea?

Ginger: Fresh fruit will be taken into consideration, however, I cannot stress this enough – I don’t really grocery shop in stores that provide fruit outside of cans. You may be required to provide your own “fresh” fruit.

Ruby: Point taken.

Fly: There’s no way out of this, is there?

Ginger: There is not.

Ruby: Can you tell me how the spaghetti reminded you of Captain America: Civil War?

Ginger: I could, but I am now choosing to not share that information.

Fly: Is it because you forgot what the connection was?

Ginger: It is.


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