Flight of the Bumblespider

Ginger: Look! Look! Look!

Ruby: I’m…looking…at what, exactly?

Ginger: I don’t know, but you looked. That’s a start.

Ruby: Are you training me?

Ginger: Well, we’re going to go on a bus tour, so I want to make sure you know to look when I see something.

Ruby: What did you see this time?

Ginger: I think it was a bird. Or a flying spider. Or a squirrel.

Ruby: …flying spider?

Ginger: You don’t know when they’ll evolve, Ruby, and they want to evolve.

Ruby: You have a strange paranoia, Ginger.

Ginger: Yes. But you know it’ll happen.

Ruby: …wait, go back – did you say we’re going on a bus tour?

Ginger: …I was hoping you’d focus more on the flying spider.

Ruby: What kind of bus tour is this?

Ginger: It’s on a bus. And it takes us on a tour.

Ruby: What sort of a tour will we be taking on this bus?

Ginger: It might involve some sort of haunting.

Ruby: Nope.

Ginger: Oh, come on! It’ll be better than thinking about flying spiders!

Ruby: I have more faith in spiders learning to fly than I do in you getting me on a bus tour of hauntings.

Ginger: That’s just because you think the spiders are more determined than me.

Ruby: Ginger, I have never once considered spiders are more determined than you.

Ginger: So you’ll go with me on the bus tour?

Ruby: No.

Ginger: You’ll help me glue wings on a spider?

Ruby: …………..is it a rubber spider that we can set up to drop on Fly when he comes home from work?

Ginger: It is now!

Ruby: I’ll get the glue…


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