Bananas Sure Are Talkative…

Ruby: My banana is trying to communicate.

Ginger: …when did we switch bodies?

Ruby: When my banana began trying to communicate.

Ginger: What is it saying?

Ruby: “Good morning, Sunshine.”

Ginger: That sounds like it’s more than just trying to communicate.

Ruby: True. It’s actively communicating.

Ginger: I don’t go near bananas. They make me paranoid.

Ruby: So, this isn’t helping, is it?

Ginger: Not really.

Ruby: So, I shouldn’t ask you if you started writing messages on the bananas by softly marking them with a toothpick in my kitchen?

Ginger: This might surprise you, but I’m off the hook for this.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: The message on your bananas…

Ruby: Yes?

Ginger: It completely eliminates me from being the culprit.

Ruby: How is that, exactly?

Ginger: If it were me, I’d write something like “I Taste Good” or “For A Good Time, Peel.”

Ruby: I don’t know how I missed that.

Ginger: I don’t either. It’s sad, really.

Ruby: So…my husband is trying to drive me crazy?

Ginger: I guess he didn’t like the flying spider.

Ruby: Apparently not.

Ginger: We should up our game.

Ruby: Without a doubt.

Ginger: Did I ever tell you I learned how to sew a sock closed without leaving any trace on the outside?

Ruby: Do share this fascinating trick…

Ginger: Well…you start by bunching up the sock…


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