Just Another Typical Friday Here

Ginger: Ugh. I hate meetings.

Ruby: I like when you hate meetings.

Ginger: Because you’re cruel to me and enjoy watching me suffer?

Ruby: Because I like the way you take notes. I especially like putting your notes from meetings you hate attending on the fridge door.

Ginger: Isn’t this how everyone gets through meetings?

Ruby: Let me reassure you, Ginger. My meeting notes – even meetings I hate attending – never look like that.

Ginger: …because you forgot to bring your highlighters?

Ruby: Yes. Clearly it’s because I forgot to bring highlighters.

Ginger: You can always color it in later. That’s what I do.

Ruby: I still don’t think it’s coloring that makes my notes look less like yours.

Ginger: …is it because you don’t have blue pens?

Ruby: What?

Ginger: I can get you blue pens. They’re really easy to find.

Ruby: That’s not the issue.

Ginger: …well, I’m stumped.

Ruby: Yeah. That’s what makes you so…special. I think this can go here.

Fly: Ruby? Ginger? I’m home…

Ginger: Did you tell Fly I was coming over for dinner?

Ruby: I think he just assumes you’re going to be here.

Ginger: Weird.

Ruby: Yes. That’s what’s weird about the situation.

Fly: Oh, there you are. Whatcha doin’?

Ruby: Deciding on dinner plans.

Ginger: I like tacos.

Ruby: We hadn’t made any firm plans.

Fly: I like tacos.

Ruby: …I’ll get the ground beef going.

Ginger: Hi, Fly. How was your day?

Fly: Hi, Ginger. My day was fine. Ruby, how was your day?

Ruby: My day was fine. Ginger, how was your day?

Ginger: That got weird.

Ruby: I know, but it was funny for a moment.

Fly: What’s with the art on the fridge? Ginger, were you bored in a meeting again?

Ginger: …how does he know these things??

Why? What do you draw when bored?

Why? What do you draw when bored?


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