Can You Name Another Song About Rainbows?

Ginger: Hey, Ruby?

Ruby: Yes, Ginger?

Ginger: Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

Ruby: …be honest. Did you spend all weekend watching Muppet movies?

Ginger: If I did, would that influence your answer?

Ruby: I can only name two songs about rainbows – The Rainbow Connection and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Does that really sound like “so many songs” to you?

Ginger: Okay, so I didn’t spend the whole weekend watching Muppet movies.

Ruby: Are you sure?

Ginger: I spent it binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix.

Ruby: Isn’t that the horror-movie-stretched-out-into-eight-episodes?

Ginger: Yeah.

Ruby: …so you had to watch The Muppet Movie in order to get some sleep last night?

Ginger: …yes.

Ruby: Yeah, you know that’s why we tell you things like “go outside” and “take a break” and “remember to breathe,” right?

Ginger: …….well, I know that now.

Ruby: I hate to ask, since you just reviewed Ghostbusters the other day, but…did you enjoy Stranger Things?

Ginger: Very much so. That’s why I binged it all in one day.

Ruby: I’m terrified of you sometimes.

Ginger: I’m terrified of Christmas lights. Can I sleep on your couch tonight?

Ruby: …I’ll get the spare pillow…

Ginger: Seriously, there’s got to be at least one other song about rainbows!


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