My Number Of the Day is “Purple”

Ruby: What are you doing?

Ginger: Math…

Ruby: You? Really?

Ginger: Well, sorta. See, I count up all the red cars I see between the hours of 7 and 9, and then I count all the blue or black cars in those same hours. I add them together.

Ruby: I hear some people read books on their morning commutes…

Ginger: I then divide that number by the number of white cars and subtract the number of cars that are colors I don’t already count. If it’s a double digit number, I add the two together to get to a single digit and that’s my number for the day.

Ruby: What does that mean, though? It’s your lucky number?

Ginger: …no. It’s just my number for the day.

Ruby: So, that becomes the number of times you knock on the wall to keep the universe from exploding?

Ginger: That’s crazy. It’s just my number for the day.

Ruby: But what does that mean? Is it the number you look for when you need an answer to burning questions about your future?

Ginger: You put a lot of stock in numbers for the day. It’s just a number. It’s a way to pass the time. I think about the properties of the number when I’m bored or need to focus. Is it a prime? Does it appear in spiritual texts? What’s the square root? What is it in binary?

Ruby: Seriously?? You think about numbers and their properties when you’re bored??

Ginger: Doesn’t everyone?

Ruby: I would say no. And I was a math major!

Ginger: Oh. I tested out of math in college. It freed up my time to focus on my writing classes.

Ruby: Well, I want to play now! What’s the number for the day?

Ginger: Well, SOMEONE distracted me, so I didn’t get to finish counting all the colors of the cars.

Ruby: Sorry. Can’t you just use the count you had before I asked you to explain your actions?

Ginger: It doesn’t work like that.

Ruby: It can, just once. Try it.

Ginger: Fine. The number for today is………..lavender.

Ruby: ……that’s not a number.

Ginger: Can’t you just try it. Just once?

Ruby: ……I promise to not interrupt your strange morning rituals ever again.

Ginger: Thank you.

Ruby: Even though it looked like your mind had finally snapped and you were muttering to yourself and tapping your fingernail on the car window.

Ginger: Don’t question my methods. I never said math was easy.

Ruby: You JUST SAID you tested out of math in college!

Ginger: That doesn’t mean anything. It just means I got the easy test. With the trigonometry and calculus.

Ruby: …did it, really?

Ginger: No. There’s wasn’t any calculus. I think…

Ruby: Some day, I hope to learn how your brain works.

Ginger: Weird, my math teacher in high school said the same thing once a week…


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