Do You Know What I Don’t Get?

Ruby: Do you know what I don’t get?

Ginger: ..astrophysics?

Ruby: Fly’s texts.

Ginger: That’s weird.

Ruby: Exactly, he’s my husband, so you’d think I would have a chance of comprehending his text language…

Ginger: No, I meant it’s weird that I can say the same thing – word for word – and mean something entirely different.

Ruby: Show your math.

Ginger: He doesn’t text me. Therefore, I don’t get them. You are having difficulty understanding his meaning. Therefore, you don’t ‘get’ them.

Ruby: Okay, we’re going back to my thing now.

Ginger: What is his misleading text?

Ruby: It reads “What was that place where we saw the angry Singaporean least s bad top?”

Ginger: I’m intrigued. How did you know the person was Singaporean?

Ruby: I can’t say I have ever seen a Singaporean- angry or otherwise- with any degree of certainty.

Ginger: Clearly, you’ve never been to Singapore.

Ruby: Thank you, Jack Sparrow.

Ginger: Captain Jack Sparrow.

Ruby: Oh! Fly sent another text…OH. That makes more sense.

Ginger: He went to Singapore without you?

Ruby: It was autocorrect. He meant Angry Librarian.

Ginger: Oh……. Do you know what I don’t get?

Ruby: Astrophysics?

Ginger: Yeah. Can you explain string theory to me? Use small words and a lot of analogies.

Ruby: Imagine, if you will, a bathtub in the middle of the English Channel.

Ginger: …okay…?

Ruby: Now, do you still care about string theory?

Ginger: Um…Tell me more of this bathtub.


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