Dustin Hoffman Was In This Movie: (Blank) Man.

Ginger: Did someone say MARATHON?

Ruby: …I just walked in. And you’re here alone. So…I’m gonna say no.

Ginger: Oh, right. I’ll start over.

Ruby: Should I leave and come back next week?

Ginger: Ruby, what’s that thing that people do with numbers?

Ruby: Math?

Ginger: No, no, they wear shorts and they pin paper numbers to their chests and line up?

Ruby: …a police line-up?

Ginger: No, it’s when they do this in huge groups and there’s someone with a starter pistol and then everyone starts running?

Ruby: Active shooter preparation drills?

Ginger: They all run in the same direction?

Ruby: …poorly planned active shooter preparation drills?

Ginger: You already know what I want you to say.

Ruby: Yes. Yes I do. And I won’t say it because I can see the stack of movies behind your back and that’s not the same thing as what you’re describing.

Ginger: How can you see the movies behind my back?

Ruby: There’s a mirror behind you.


Ruby: …I still don’t think anyone did, Ginger.

Ginger: Look, we both know what’s going to happen. Eventually, you’ll sigh and play along and you’ll enjoy yourself and I will get to keep you company while Fly is working the overnight shift at the hospital and someday in the near future, you’ll understand an inside joke that really only pertains to one very specific play on words and Fly will look at you with confusion and you will spend twenty minutes trying to explain why it’s funny and then I’ll get distracted and someone will give me coffee and I’ll forget where I was going and…just say ‘marathon.’

Ruby: Can we go to the yarn store first?

Ginger: …………………yes. But I’ll need coffee to keep up with you.

Ruby: Deal.


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