Measure Twice, Shop Once.

Ginger: Here?

Ruby: Back in the corner…

Ginger: Is here okay?

Ruby: In the corner.

Ginger: This is as corner as it gets, Ruby.

Ruby: Ginger, there’s more space between the bureau and the corner.

Ginger: There’s not more space to move the bureau to the corner.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: Yeah. It’s not moving.

Ruby: What if we…oh.

Ginger: There’s a windowsill in the way.

Ruby: But I measured.

Ginger: Did you measure the windowsill?

Ruby: …but I measured.

Ginger: Ruby, in times like this, there is only one solution.

Ruby: What is it?

Ginger: Move to a new place. There’s an apartment opening up directly across the hall from mine.

Ruby: Ginger, Fly and I have a house. We won’t fit into the studio apartment across from you.

Ginger: That’s okay, I’ll let you store most of your stuff in my place. We’ll make it work.

Ruby: That’s very kind of you, Ginger, but I think Fly and I will find a different solution.

Ginger: Okay, but, the offer stands.

Ruby: And I will let Fly know it’s there.

Ginger: All right.

Ruby: Are you staying for dinner?

Ginger: No, there’s a movie I promised my brother we could go see. I think it has ‘blood’ or ‘destruction’ in the title…wanna join us?

Ruby: Tempting, but I think I’ll try to reconfigure the furniture here instead.

Ginger: It’s not that big a deal. You just…can’t use this drawer. Or that one. Or that one.

Ruby: Thank you.

Ginger: No worries. See you later…

*later that night*

Fly: Hey, Ruby…no Ginger?

Ruby: She went to see a movie with her brother.

Fly: Oh. What’s all this?

Ruby: The solution to the furniture problem.

Fly: Furniture problem? Oh! Did the new bureau arrive today?

Ruby: Yes. And it doesn’t fit. There’s a windowsill in the way.

Fly: …didn’t we measure that?

Ruby: Apparently, we missed the windowsill.

Fly: Okay. So…what’s the solution?

Ruby: We have to move.

Fly: …or?

Ruby: Or Ginger gets to cut the windowsill off the window.

Fly: So, we’re moving…


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