Magic Elves Always Do Ginger’s Dishes.

Ginger: Ruby, did you do this?

Ruby: …your dishes? No. Magic elves did them.

Ginger: I know that. I’m asking if you did this – the magnets on the fridge have been re-arranged.

Ruby: How can you even tell?

Ginger: How can you not? The squares are no longer in the corners and they’re crooked. The alphabet letters no longer spell out ‘SER3NITY’ and the princess magnets no longer tell a wordless story of triumph over evil.

Ruby: I would say I’m starting to worry about you, but that would imply I had only just started to worry about you.

Ginger: So you’re saying you didn’t do this?

Ruby: I am saying I did not do this.

Ginger: There’s only one explanation left.

Ruby: Please don’t say ‘ghost.’

Ginger: Ghost. Get the salt.

Ruby: I am not getting you salt just so you can pour it in a circle around your refrigerator.

Ginger: Why not?

Ruby: I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a ghost.

Ginger: Show your proof.

Ruby: You had people over for dinner last night, right?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: Some of them were cooking in your kitchen, right?

Ginger: Obviously. I don’t cook and no one wanted Chinese food delivered.

Ruby: Right. So, one or more played with the magnets on your fridge.

Ginger: But, why? Why would anyone do such a thing?

Ruby: Because your magnets are hilarious. Also, your alphabet magnets now read ‘HI G1NJ3R.’ Kind of a clue.

Ginger: But why not put the others back in their proper places on the fridge?

Ruby: Probably because none of them know how eerily close to full-blown OCD you really are.

Ginger: I prefer CDO. It’s alphabetically correct.

Ruby: So Fly keeps telling me.


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