Listing Labor Day Shopping

Fly: Do we have bananas?

Ruby: I don’t think so, put them in the cart.

Fly: …your phone is buzzing.

Ruby: It’s Ginger. Hang on. Hello, Ginger.

Ginger: Ruby, I can’t remember where you left my skillet.

Ruby: I put it away. Why do you need it?

Ginger: Elle needs to borrow it. She only has three and she said making dinner tonight would be easier with four.

Ruby: …Elle said that?

Ginger: I think she might have been testing me. I don’t think she believes I own cooking items.

Ruby: Didn’t she live with you? For, like, a year or something?

Ginger: Yes, but we never unpacked my pots and pans. There wasn’t really a need.

Ruby: Right.

Fly: We have bread, right?

Ruby: Yes, but we need dinner rolls – can you pick some out?

Fly: Sure.

Ginger: Was that Fly?

Ruby: Yes. That was Fly. We’re at the grocery store, picking up some last minute things for dinner tonight.

Ginger: Oh, cool.

Ruby: Did you need anything, since we’re out?

Ginger: Oh, yeah, actually, can you pick up some break-n-bake cookies? I promised I’d bring some to a party later tonight.

Ruby: Sure. I’ll be sure to put that on the Labor Day Shopping List.

Ginger: Hey, no fair! You only get a shopping list on Labor Day when I’m not around!

Ruby: That’s not entirely true.

Fly: Are these okay?

Ruby: Yes, and Ginger asked if we could pick up some break-n-bakes for her.

Fly: …okay…?

Ginger: How is it not true?

Ruby: Fly made the list. I don’t think he knew about the tradition.

Fly: What tradition.

Ruby: I’ll explain later.

Ginger: I hope you know I’m disappointed in you.

Ruby: I hope you know that doesn’t really change the fact I have a list and I’m shopping and it’s Labor Day.

Ginger: That’s not why I’m disappointed in you.

Ruby: Why are you disappointed in me, then?

Ginger: You still haven’t told me where the skillet is.

Ruby: I did tell you. I put it away.

Ginger: Ruby, how long have you known me?

Ruby: …oh. Sorry. Your pots and pans all go in the large cabinet to the left of your oven. And the skillet is the red flat one.

Ginger: I thought I kept cleaning supplies in there!

Ruby: No, those are under the sink.

Ginger: This explains so much.

Ruby: I’ll talk to you later, okay?

Ginger: Don’t forget my break-n-bakes!

Ruby: I promise to not forget you need break-n-bakes. Bye, now.

Ginger: Bye!

Fly: …she does know we’re in a different time zone, right?

Ruby: Yes, but it makes her feel better to think we’re not. Just play along.

Fly: Okay. Did you see if there was yoghurt in my parents’ fridge?

Ruby: I did not look. You can call them before we leave the store, though. Let them know we’ll be there in about ten minutes or so.

Fly: Okay. Why are you picking up break-n-bakes?

Ruby: Ginger needed them. If I come home from this trip without them, she’ll guilt me for the next month about it. And she’ll make up some weird hashtag phrase to tag onto the end of all her texts, like #PortlandAllOverAgain or something.

Fly: …why Portland?

Ruby: Don’t ask.


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