Fly: Hello?

Ruby: Hi, it’s me.

Fly: You sound quiet, are you okay?

Ruby: Did you order anything on line recently to be shipped here?

Fly: No, I don’t think so.

Ruby: Because a box was just delivered.

Fly: Oh, you got a present?

Ruby: I. Hope. So.

Fly: What do you mean?

Ruby: Well, I got a box addressed to me from a popular online retailer, but I didn’t order what’s inside.

Fly: Um. What’s inside?

Ruby: A knife.

Fly: What?!

Ruby: A big knife.

Fly: How big?

Ruby: 8 inch chef’s knife…?

Fly: Well, at least it isn’t a hunting knife.

Ruby: There’s that.

Fly: Who’s it from?

Ruby: That’s the problem. There’s no packing slip and the return address is the retailer.

Fly: So, someone anonymously sent you a big knife in the mail.

Ruby: Exactly.

Fly: You sure it wasn’t Ginger?

Ruby: Oh, I already called her. She said she wished she’d thought of it, but she’s not taking credit.

Fly: So are you just going to start calling all our friends and asking them if they sent you a knife?

Ruby: I thought I’d just call the retailer and ask.

Fly: Where’s the fun in that?

Ruby: You need to stop hanging out with Ginger.


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