Today’s Post Is Brought To You By The Letters P & H

Ginger: Hey, did you ever figure out who sent you that giant knife?

Ruby: Yes. My parents went to a dinner party where the host was extolling the wonders of the knife and they thought I could use one just like it.

Ginger: …Ruby?

Ruby: Yes, Ginger?

Ginger: Were there other people at this dinner party?

Ruby: I will never again allow you to pick the movie we watch based almost exclusively on your weird Letter of the Day game.

Ginger: I don’t have a Letter of the Day game, weird or otherwise.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: Really. I have a Number of the Day Calculation and I rely on a rotational series of Letters of the Day for important decisions. Letters. Plural.

Ruby: Your mother had no idea what she was doing to you when she let you watch Sesame Street as a child, did she?

Ginger: Probably not.

Ruby: And choosing our movie for the evening because the title had P and H led us to watch The Perfect Host, which then led to a very long, uncomfortable silence.

Ginger: You were the one who asked me if that was how I host dinner parties. If you didn’t like the answer, you probably shouldn’t have asked the question.

Ruby: And we’re back to the doorway of an uncomfortable silence.

Ginger: Which was when I remembered you got a big knife in the mail and accused me of mailing it to you.

Ruby: Last week.

Ginger: I got distracted.

Ruby: Were you distracted by the formula for your rotational series of Letters of the Day?

Ginger: You make it sound like I’m neurotic.

Ruby: Having Letters of the Day and a Number of the Day does, indeed, make it sound like you’re neurotic.

Ginger: What if I told you I don’t actually have Letters of the Day?

Ruby: …okay…

Ginger: What if I told you I read about The Perfect Host and wanted to see it but I didn’t think I could convince you to watch it, so I had to create an elaborate ruse suggesting that it fell exactly into a mildly obsessive compulsion in order for me to convince you to watch it with me?

Ruby: …Ginger?

Ginger: Ruby?

Ruby: That still makes you sound neurotic.

Ginger: …then we’ll stick with the Letters of the Day story and leave it at that.

Ruby: Deal.


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