Live Life to the Fullest Banana

Ruby: Good morning, Ginger, have some coffee.

Ginger: Why are you making me wake up? It’s Colombo Day.

Ruby: Columbus Day. And I’m making you wake up because you still have to go to work.

Ginger: The office should be closed in honor of Colombia Day.

Ruby: Columbus Day and it’s not. You tried to do this last year, and it didn’t work then. Why would you think it would work this time?

Ginger: I wrote a letter.

Ruby: Did you get a response?

Ginger: No. I assumed no response meant acquiescence.

Ruby: That’s not how it works. Here, drink some coffee and let’s get you going.

Ginger: But why? It’s an office job. How could it possibly make any difference if I skip a day on which we celebrate the movie Colombiana?

Ruby: That’s not what Columbus Day is. I really hope you didn’t include your interpretation of the bank holiday in your letter.

Ginger: Not completely. I wrote about how most of the office work I complete is done under the impression there is a banana at the end of the day and that other minions are fighting to get to it first.

Ruby: …minions? Like the little yellow guys in blue jumpsuits?

Ginger: And then I talked about how once in a while, it’s important to get outside and find out where the best bananas grow, to go there and see the bananas sprouting up from the earth…

Ruby: That’s not how bananas grow.

Ginger: And when the opportunity is provided to us, like in the form of a holiday, we should all take it with as many hands as possible and live life to the fullest banana.

Ruby: Weird that it didn’t work.

Ginger: I know. I even put it on banana scented stationery.

Ruby: And so now we know where you went wrong. Upper management people hate banana-scented stationery.

Ginger: Well, now I know for next time.

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