Frosted Cookies Are Undead Cookies

Ginger: Happy Random Day in October!

Ruby: What are those?

Ginger: These are October cookies. This is a haunted house, that’s a tree, these are skeletons and this is Igor.

Ruby: Why is there an Igor in your cookies?

Ginger: Because my cookies were falling apart as I tried to put them on the cookie sheet and so Igor…happened.

Ruby: Huh.

Ginger: Are you suggesting you don’t want any of my October cookies?

Ruby: I’m suggesting that once you can bake cookies that aren’t burned on the bottom, I will try those cookies.

Ginger: The mix said to leave them in the oven until they’re brown on the edges.

Ruby: These are black on the bottom. And edges. The centers are brown.

Ginger: The centers are the edges if you look at it inside out.

Ruby: I think I’m going to wait for your next batch.

Ginger: Do you think my co-workers will like them?

Ruby: Probably not.

Ginger: What if I put lots of frosting on them so no one can see the black bits?

Ruby: That will require a lot of frosting.

Ginger: I bought four cans of orange frosting.

Ruby: …okay, so let’s get to frosting.


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