From Here, The Conversation Flow Is Obvious

Ginger: Ruby, I know it’s very difficult for you to stay on one topic, but I will need you to listen very carefully to what I’m going to tell you.

Ruby: Ginger, I think you have mistaken me for you. Again.

Ginger: Hardly. Remember that one time when I tried to get you to focus on…oh, wait…

Ruby: Yeah.

Ginger: Well, no, there was that other time, when I was trying to…oh. Huh. You may have a point.

Ruby: “May have?”

Ginger: I’m pretty sure it’s happened at least once before.

Ruby: When you can come up with the specifics, we can discuss the reality.

Ginger: That sounds like a fair deal.

Ruby: So, what did you need to tell me?

Ginger: When?

Ruby: Just moments ago…

Ginger: Was it about a TV show?

Ruby: I don’t know. You didn’t get around to telling me yet.

Ginger: …let’s just assume it was about a TV show. It’s easier on me that way.

Ruby: Are you going to start talking about Firefly or Supernatural in ten seconds?

Ginger: Well, now that you spoiled the surprise, neither. I’ll have to talk about a completely different show.

Ruby: Is it Leverage?

Ginger: …no.

Ruby: Are you sure?

Ginger: I have other TV shows. There’s…no, you’re not allowed to watch that.

Ruby: Excuse me?

Ginger: Look, you’re a grown adult woman who pays bills and changes the oil in her car regularly and manages to not starve her husband or herself, agreed?

Ruby: Agreed.

Ginger: Then don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re not allowed to watch all my TV shows. They will give you nightmares.

Ruby: Name one show you watch that I can’t watch.

Ginger: Penny Dreadful.

Ruby: …yeah, okay, you have a point.

Ginger: OH! That’s what I was going to tell you!

Ruby: You were going to tell me I can’t watch a TV show about scary Victorian classic horror stories intertwined with one another?

Ginger: No – I was going to tell you that when I fake my death, I’m moving to Tasmania and you can probably find me in Kettering.

Ruby: …I really wish someone would draw a map of your brain so the rest of us could stop getting lost.

Ginger: People have tried. Those who made it out were never the same again.

Ruby: I believe that.


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