Stix. Of the Pixie Kind.

Ruby: …oh, dear heaven and all those who inhabit it – WHAT are you putting in your coffee?

Ginger: The coffee shop was out of sugar packets and they were refilling the sugar shaker thingy and I was running late so I’m using what I found in my purse.

Ruby: When did you buy those? And how did I let you?

Ginger: I FOUND them in my purse. I didn’t buy them. You would have to be drunk to let me buy them. Really…REALLY…drunk.

Ruby: Who in their right mind would put those in your purse?!

Ginger: …do you have an arch nemesis?

Ruby: Until this very moment, I would have said no. Please stop pouring them into your coffee!

Ginger: It’s just sugar…

Ruby: There’s flavoring in them, too – you’re going to rue the day you put…did you just pour SEVEN PIXIE STIX INTO YOUR COFFEE?!?!

Ginger: …no. I ate three while you were thinking about your arch nemeses.

Ruby: What were you thinking??

Ginger: That grapey sugar in my coffee wouldn’t taste as good as cherry sugar in my coffee?

Ruby: …get out of my car.

Ginger: …were I in your position, I would probably do the same.


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