All Roads Lead To Serenity

Ginger: Right here…this part always gets me.

Ruby: I can’t believe you got me to watch Dirty Dancing with you again.

Ginger: And then he gets in the car…

Ruby: One of these days, I will learn to just laugh and leave you to watch it alone.

Ginger: …and she’s just standing there. In his dusty wake…

Ruby: Or maybe I’ll just suggest something else. Something you can’t say no to…

Ginger: I like to think he gets to a gas station and that there’s a family in the car next to him, with a little girl who has eyes that remind Johnny of Baby who tells him one day she’s gonna change the world.

Ruby: …of course that means I’ll be here watching Firefly with you. Again. But at least it isn’t this movie. AGAIN.

Ginger: And then the little girl’s brother laughs at her and says she’ll be there when the world changes…sitting in the corner…and Johnny says “Hey! Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” And then he says it again, only stronger, and that’s what makes him turn back and drive to Kellerman’s.

Ruby: And who does the little girl grow up to be, Ginger?

Ginger: Kaylee. Did you just say you want to watch Firefly?

Ruby: Oh, but we’re nearly done with this movie and I have to get home to my husband…

Ginger: Isn’t he working the night shift this week? We can watch Firefly next. I won’t leave you to be lonely tonight.

Ruby: …how could the little girl grow up to be Kaylee?? This movie takes place in the early ’60’s and Kaylee lives 500 years in the future!

Ginger: The Doctor shows up in his TARDIS to save the world, the little girl trips and falls into the TARDIS. The Doctor doesn’t realize she’s there until millennia later, when his companion sees her, but by then the little girl has been exposed to mechanics beyond belief and aged several years and they agree she should just be placed in a time where she won’t accidentally destroy the natural course of history. So he takes her to see Jessica Jones, who is still mad at him for turning purple and putting everyone under his mind-control, but she takes pity on Kaylee and brings her to her high school friend, Veronica Mars, who agrees that girls can change the world and introduces her to Marty Kaan, who brings the little girl to Tony Stark at the next Avengers Holiday Party, where Thor finds the girl delightful and takes her to Asgard and she helps him find the Infinity Gauntlet and somehow opens up a new dimensional time warp where she falls – losing all memory of her life to that point, except the mechanics skills – to the Frye family, who raise her as their own and she becomes Kaylee Frye.

Ruby: ……………….The Doctor would know if someone stumbled into the TARDIS.


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