Guilt-Ridden Tacos Are Consistent

Ruby: Ginger, you need to be more careful.

Ginger: What? Careful about what, exactly?

Ruby: You need to be more consistent.

Ginger: Consistent? In what manner?

Ruby: Well, at first, you could come over at any time without facing consequences. But…I’m a married woman now and that means my husband is here, too.

Ginger: I have met Fly, Ruby. I’m aware you married him. I was there.

Ruby: Yes. But when you come over without warning, if I’m not home, maybe Fly is.

Ginger: Is this about when I came over last week and you weren’t home and I caught Fly on the couch?

Ruby: Okay, for the eighth time, when you say it like that, it makes it sound weird. He was just coloring in my coloring book.

Ginger: If it’s not weird, why have you brought it up seven other times?

Ruby: I’m not bringing it up because of that! I’m saying my husband isn’t used to an additional woman showing up without warning at her leisure!

Ginger: But I brought dinner.

Ruby: Yes. You did. But we were getting ready to go out to dinner. We have reservations.

Ginger: …romantic reservations?

Ruby: Well, yeah…

Ginger: So, when you said “see you later,” you didn’t mean tonight.

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger : And when I said “Cool, I’ll bring tacos,” you thought I meant at a vague distant time.

Ruby: This is true.

Ginger: And when you said “Sounds good,” you didn’t mean “wow, awesome, I don’t have to cook tonight.”

Ruby: …well, yes…

Ginger: And so when I said “great, usual order,” you thought I meant I had forgotten what we were talking about.

Ruby: …I think you’re trying to turn this around so I’m to blame.

Ginger: Or I’m really a deviant schemer who knew what you meant the entire time, but realized I was going to have to watch TV alone tonight if I allowed you to have a life without me at this delicate time for me…since the loss.

Ruby: …put the tacos on the counter. I’ll get plates down.

Fly: Okay, I am out of the shower, so if you want, you can shower before we…what’s going on?

Ruby: We’re eating tacos with Ginger or else we will get another guilt trip about how Princess Leia leaving too soon again.

Fly: Oh, good.

Ruby: Good?

Fly: I didn’t remember to make reservations today. Tacos sound good though!

Ginger: Hi Fly! I got the guacamole, per your text…

Ruby: I feel…mildly betrayed.

Fly: But you like guacamole…


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