Ginger Blaze, You Have Failed This Binge-Watch.

Ginger: A-ha!

Fly: We should really tell her that’s not the same as ringing a doorbell.

Ruby: It’s more like a customized ringtone. We always know who’s there.

Fly: True.

Ginger: I said “A-ha!”

Ruby: Ginger, what a lovely surprise. Won’t you come in and have some breakfast with us?

Fly: Don’t let her eat all the bacon again.

Ginger: There’s bacon?

Ruby: …Ginger, why is there a band-aid on your forehead?

Ginger: I told the arrow to go forward, but it didn’t want to listen and then the bow attacked me, as well. I’m so done with that  hobby.

Fly: And you were worried about introducing her to the Hunger Games series. I can’t imagine why.

Ginger: Oh, I still haven’t started that one yet.

Ruby: I forgot to warn Fly. Sorry. Fly, Ginger’s brothers told her to watch Arrow.

Fly: Were they concerned she wasn’t enough of a nerd? Or were they planning on splitting her life insurance policy when…this…happened?

Ginger: I think they just wanted me to re-write some of the script for them. There are a lot of opportunities in the show.

Ruby: So, where did you get the bow and arrow?

Ginger: Nerf sells them.

Fly: …you did that to yourself with a foam arrow?

Ruby: She has talent.

Ginger: I took archery in junior high. I was terrible. I thought I should start…softer…this time.

Ruby: Where is the set now?

Fly: We’re not taking it away from you…we’re just…

Ruby: Taking it away from you. For your own safety.

Ginger: I gave it back to my niece. But only after she stopped laughing at me.

Ruby: Well…that’s what family is for. Comfort in times of humiliating pain.

Fly: So, out of morbid curiosity, why did you announce your presence with “A-ha”?

Ginger: Because I found Ruby. We have to finish!

Fly: Finish what?

Ruby: I forgot to warn you. When Ginger told me what show her brothers insist she should watch next, I made the insane declaration she could not watch it alone.

Ginger: She’s psychic.

Fly: She knew you’d try to become a crime-fighting vigilante with a bow and arrow?

Ginger: YES.

Fly: …yes. She’s psychic.

Ruby: Anyway, I assumed – obviously incorrectly – that if I was present for every episode she watches, it would slow down the binge and possibly delay the attempt to become a crime-fighting vigilante with a bow and arrow and injure herself in the meantime.

Fly: So…your psychic powers have failed this time.

Ruby: Not entirely. Just…neglected to include the possibility Ginger’s niece is a budding archer.

Ginger: So, A-ha! I found you here! Let’s watch the next episode!

Ruby: …but…there’s bacon.

Fly: Not anymore.

Ginger: There’s no escaping this!

Ruby: Fly, you have failed this rescue.


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