Life Must Be Hard For A Polyglot

Ruby: Hi, Ginger.

Ginger: How did you know it’s me? I’m not calling from one of my regular phones…

Ruby: Things were quiet and I was getting things done. And then the phone rang.

Ginger: That sounds about right.

Ruby: So, what’s up?

Ginger: I’m waiting for a meeting to start, but no one else is in the conference room with me, so I called you.

Ruby: Shouldn’t you call the meeting organizer?

Ginger: …why? Then the meeting might take place.

Ruby: Solid point. Hey, as long as I have you, were you messing with my phone yesterday?

Ginger: You never let me play on your phone since I started adding things to your calendar a year ago.

Ruby: I know. I’m still getting reminders to bake you a cake for Unofficial Save The Baby Llamas Day. I don’t even know what we’re saving them from…

Ginger: That’s why it’s unofficial. When we know, it will become official.

Ruby: ………moving on. What did you do to my phone? It’s tagging my location on every photo as Southern France.

Ginger: Ruby, I’m not supposed to dial international phone numbers from the office. If you’re in France, you should tell me.

Ruby: I’m NOT in France. My phone is just insisting I am.

Ginger: Does this mean I have to get my passport to have dinner with you tonight? I’m going to have to rush up on my French…

Ruby: No, Ginger…

Ginger: ‘Parlay’ is French, right?

Ruby: I don’t think you have the right ‘parlay.’

Ginger: I can’t remember, is coffee ‘cafe,’ ‘kaffe,’ or ‘kohewa’?

Ruby: Why would you need to know that? I have never served you coffee for dinner.

Ginger: But if I’m coming to France for dinner tonight, I should probably stay the night and then I’ll need kopi…or kahvi or…kape…..

Ruby: It frightens me that you know “coffee” in so many languages, yet cannot pronounce “caution” without a pregnant pause.

Ginger: The “T” always confuses me.

Ruby: Shouldn’t you be attending a meeting?

Ginger: Probably. But you moved to France. This is a big deal. I can skip a meeting for this.

Ruby: I moved overnight. I’m pretty sure I’ll move back tonight before dinner.

Ginger: Because the Eiffel Tower isn’t what you hoped it would be?

Ruby: ………obviously.


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