There’s No More Baltic States

Ruby: Ginger, stop writing on the map!

Ginger: I refuse to let bad geography be passed along to future generations!

Ruby: Okay, first of all, it’s behind glass, so no matter what you do today, the cleaning crew will stare at your work for a minute, shrug and then clean it off.

Ginger: That’s YOUR assumption. My crystal ball is more detailed. Alan and Margot will read my corrected map notations and applaud the fact that SOMEONE out there can name all 12 Baltic States.

Ruby: And second, there are not 12 Baltic States.

Ginger: There isn’t?

Ruby: There are only three. And Norway is not one of them.

Ginger: Huh. What was I thinking of?

Ruby: …getting coffee?

Ginger: Probably. Well, now I have to fix this…

Ruby: How are you going to fix your scribbled geographic errors of – wow.

Ginger: Didn’t you ever play that game with your sister?

Ruby: What game?

Ginger: She draws a squiggly line and then you have to make it into a famous work of art. But Jackson Pollock is cheating.

Ruby: Yeah, your sister made that game up so you would do her nails.

Ginger: …huh. I wonder how I didn’t see that…

Ruby: Well, now I have to change my prediction of what the cleaning crew will do tonight when they see this.

Ginger: Oh? What will the do?

Ruby: Wonder who drew Botticelli’s Birth of Venus across a perfectly good map of the world. And then clean it off.

Ginger: That’s disappointing. What if I drew Venus taking a selfie?

Ruby: If you don’t, I will buy you a coffee. Right now.

Ginger: …I like coffee…



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