Sinister Sugar

Ginger: Ants are stupid.

Ruby: Oh? Why is that?

Ginger: I was reading about an ant poison that works by putting a poison gel out, the ants are attracted to it, eat it, and bring it home to feed all the other ants in the colony.

Ruby: Okay, why were you reading about ant poisons?

Ginger: Unless you want to know all the dark secrets of my Google search history, I’m going to ignore your question.

Ruby: …deal. Why does this ant poison make ants stupid?

Ginger: Who would find a food supply where the initial food scouts died and think “Gee, maybe now we can be friends! I shall bring this home to the wife and kids and no harm shall come to us!”

Ruby: I guess it’s a good thing ants haven’t discovered logical thought yet.

Ginger: Well, good for humans. Bad for ants.

Ruby: …what are you eating?

Ginger: A donut. Someone left a whole box in the break room today with a note saying “Free Donuts – Enjoy!”

Ruby: Oh.

Ginger: Did you want one? I brought an extra for you…


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