40th Anniversary Marathon

Ruby: So?

Ginger: So?

Ruby: So, why are you here at 5:30 in the morning?

Ginger: Because we’re going to do something wonderful today.

Ruby: No, we’re not.

Ginger: Yes! We are! I’ve timed it all out and we’re going to have to start early if we’re going to get everything seen in one day…

Fly: What is going on?

Ruby: Ginger’s decided we have to do a full movie marathon today…

Fly: Oh. Because it’s the 40th Anniversary?

Ginger: See? Fly knows!

Ruby: Knows what? 40th anniversary of what?

Fly & Ginger: The 40th Anniversary of Star Wars.

Ruby: …gee. Why did I not know that. Strange.

Ginger: Sometimes, I wonder about you, Ruby.

Fly: Since we’re up, is there breakfast?

Ginger: I would love a coffee.

Ruby: You didn’t plan the food?

Ginger: I brought blue milk. I didn’t know I needed anything else.

Ruby: So, we’re going to do this? We’re going to watch all the Star Wars movies? That’s, what, four movies? Five?

Fly: The Original Trilogy and the Prequels and Force Awakens and Rogue One is eight movies.

Ruby: But Ginger denies the existence of the Prequels.

Fly: So, wait, are we watching only the Original Trilogy, or are we continuing on through the Force Awakens? And are we starting with Rogue One?

Ruby: Ginger? Answer Fly’s questions and I’ll make coffee. How many movies are we watching today and in what order?

Ginger: I have the schedule printed out there and the DVD’s are in my bag.

Fly: Schedule?

Ruby: Ginger…why are there TEN DVD’S IN YOUR BAG?!

Ginger: We’re going to have an EPIC STAR WARS MARATHON OF LEGEND!! Except, I didn’t include the holiday special or Clone Wars or Rebels because, this is really a movie marathon and also I couldn’t find a copy of the holiday special.

Ruby: Why do we get to share in this…extravaganza…with you?

Ginger: It’s not just you – I emailed it to my family and coworkers and other friends. I’m going to be calling and texting others to make sure they’re adhering to the schedule.

Fly: Someday, I hope we get to be lucky enough that you trust us to adhere to the schedule.

Ginger: It would help if Ruby didn’t respond to the email with “oh, that’s cute.”

Ruby: I didn’t know there would be punishment!

Fly: Ginger…did you include a narrative of your own making to this?

Ginger: Of course. Otherwise, how would I explain why I included the prequels? And those other two movies?

Ruby: Let’s see the schedule again…

Star Wars Viewing Schedule


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