Details, De Tales

Ruby: What on earth are you doing?

Ginger: I don’t want to get into details, but when I woke up this morning, I realized my dream was almost an exact adaptation of this novel you lent me once, but I couldn’t remember the title, only the cover of the book, so while I was making my coffee and choosing my outfit for the day, I decided I could just stop by and find the cover on my way into work, but then my train got delayed because there was a sick passenger on the train in front of mine, so I had to get on the bus and transfer to a second bus before I could get here and by then you had left for work but Fly said I could look for the novel and lock up when I left so I started looking for the novel but I saw your books were not organized by color of the book spine, so I called in sick to work so I could really fix your book organization but then I realized I hadn’t had breakfast and while I made toast I saw your  eggs had passed the expiration date, but I didn’t want to just throw them out, so I looked up a way to tell if eggs have expired on the internet and it involved a bowl of cold water but then I didn’t know if that was a real way or an Internet lie, so I tried looking that up and then the toast was burning so I needed to dump the water on the toaster but I didn’t remember to take the eggs out first even though I remembered to unplug the toaster and then I saw your eggs haven’t expired but now I had wet black toast and a partly fried egg and all your books stacked on the table so I couldn’t really sit there to eat so I went to eat by your TV and knew I would get distracted so I tried sitting backwards on the couch but then there were crumbs and I had to find your vacuum so you wouldn’t know I had eaten backwards on your couch but then I saw you had a box of puzzles and I was really intrigued by the puzzle with the mystery involved so I tried to put that together and before long I saw what time it was and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet so I went to the kitchen but it still had my dishes from breakfast and I knew I should clean up and I looked for dish soap but I saw the geraniums instead and I wanted to water them and then I tripped over the vacuum and spilled the water on the rug so I had to get a towel but your dryer had shirts in there and I thought I could at least fold some shirts for you before I go home and then I figured as long as I was folding shirts I could watch some TV and then…… came home.

Ruby: ………, basically, you had a hard day.

Ginger: I think that is an accurate description. But way shorter.


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