Dinner Is Hard.

Fly: Any thoughts on what we could have for dinner?

Ruby: So many.

Fly: Are they feasible ideas?

Ruby: Less many.

Fly: For example…?

Ruby: If I make hard boiled eggs, would you be okay with a Cobb-like salad?

Fly: Do we have lettuce?

Ruby: Yup!

Fly: What about tomato? Bacon? Avocado?

Ruby: No, no and no.

Fly: So, lettuce and eggs for dinner?

Ruby: We have turkey lunch meat. And pecans.

Fly: Let me check on this… Ah. Wikipedia says the ingredients of a Cobb salad are EAT COBB: egg, avocado, tomato, chicken, onion, bacon and blue cheese.

Ruby: I did say “Cobb-like.”


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