Cheating Is Not A Strategy!

Fly: Hey, I’m back from the store…what are you doing?

Ginger: I’m waiting for Ruby to admit we can just play Bananagrams, but Ruby is enacting her right to practice futility.

Ruby: I’m trying to find a game we can play.

Fly: All of us, or just the two of you?

Ginger: Originally, the two of us, but hey – now you’re home, so…Fly? Wanna help me convince Ruby to play Bananagrams?

Fly: We play that a lot, Ginger…

Ruby: That’s what I told her!

Fly: Okay…?

Ginger: And then I suggested Tic Tac Toe.

Ruby: And I said we could do better than Tic Tac Toe.

Ginger: But we really can’t, because Tic Tac Toe is the only game that can avert World War Three.

Fly: According to War Games.

Ruby: Don’t encourage her.

Fly: What game did you suggest?

Ruby: Stratego.

Fly: Oh, that’s a fun game…

Ruby: Until you play against Ginger.

Ginger: Hey! I am honest about….my habits.

Fly: What habits?

Ruby: Have you ever played Battleship?

Fly: Yes.

Ruby: Against Ginger?

Fly: No. Why?

Ginger: Boats MOVE, Ruby. They don’t stay in one place when someone is firing torpedoes at them!

Fly: Got it – never play Battleship against someone who moves her ships.

Ruby: Y’know how in Stratego, you can set bombs?

Fly: …bombs don’t move, Ginger.

Ginger: Okay, sure, but in Labyrinth, they can walk.

Ruby: For the hundredth time, Ginger, fantasy films do not a strategy make!

Ginger: For the hundredth and one-th time, Ruby, PROVE IT.

Fly: Hundred and first time.

Ruby: That’s not helping…she’s doing that on purpose to distract us.

Fly: Right. Sorry. The bombs in Labyrinth had tiny feet and legs.

Ginger: So do the bombs in Stratego!



Fly: …the bombs in our Stratego game have legs and feet on them now, don’t they?

Ruby: How’d ya guess?

Fly: If you’re so inclined to draw, we can play Pictionary.

Ginger: YES!

Ruby: NO!

Fly: What? Why?

Ginger: I love Pictionary! Who’s on my team?

Ruby: OH! YES! I’m on Ginger’s team!

Fly: …on second thought, and upon viewing the tiny feet and legs on the bombs – sorry, does this bomb have an ankle tattoo of a peace sign?

Ginger: Obviously one of the bombs has to be a pacifist.

Fly: We’re not playing Pictionary. Unless money is on the line. And you’re our ringer. Against another couple.

Ruby: I told you he’d say that.

Ginger: I guess we’re back to playing Bananagrams.

Fly: We have a closet full of games. I’m sure we can find something to play that Ginger cannot crack the absurd logic on how her version of cheating is not….Bananagrams?


Ginger: And I have a strategy for each and every one of them.

Ruby: …waiting until I go to the bathroom and then shifting the board so I’m losing is not a strategy.

Ginger: Not when your sister tries it. She’s like an amateur. There’s a technique that can only be honed and perfected by years of siblings with an overwhelming obsession to find the one game I cannot cheat while playing.

Fly: How big was the celebration when Bananagrams was finally placed into your hands?

Ginger: There was great rejoicing. Mostly from Mom…

Ruby: …Settlers of Catan!

Ginger: Sure.

Fly: Really?

Ginger: Yeah, I’ve been practicing a disappearing coin trick and I want to see if it works on those tiles…

Ruby: Is Tic Tac Toe still an option?


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