Ginger: So, you’re saying there’s another eclipse in seven years?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: And the lunar path crosses the path we just had?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: So, the moon just made a giant X over the earth?

Ruby: Well, not yet. In seven years, yes. But currently, it has only line.

Ginger: Hmm.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: When do you think we can move to another planet?

Ruby: …why?

Ginger: Because I think the moon is trying to get us destroyed. It is in the process of marking us with a giant X. That can only mean one thing.

Ruby: Complete annihilation by the moon?

Ginger: You see it, too!

Ruby: Ginger…the moon is not trying destroy us.

Ginger: Prove it.

Ruby: Why would the moon try to destroy us? Now?

Ginger: No one expects it! The moon was just biding its time!

Ruby: …this isn’t about the moon, is it?

Ginger: What do you mean?

Ruby: You’re worried about a TV show you like…you think something will get cancelled…?

Ginger: No, I honestly think the moon is trying to destroy us.

Ruby: Well, if it takes the moon seven years to make a big X, it will probably take longer to actually get the Death Star full operational.

Ginger: …not if my niece finds out that moon is actually a space station.

Ruby: True. We should try to keep this information quiet.

Ginger: I know just the droid…

Ruby: Droid? When did you……. Ginger, for the last time, your self-guided vacuum is NOT a droid!

Ginger: Mr. Felix has a name, Ruby!


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