2BR 1B Opening In Mirkwood Apts

Ginger: …what is that?

Ruby: What is what? That? That’s a picture my phone took the last time I was in Canada.

Ginger: Your phone randomly takes pictures of horror movies when you’re in Canada?

Ruby: …okay, first? That’s not a horror movie. That’s a tree. Second, I was taking my phone out of my purse to try to find the charger when the phone somehow took a picture. I think I hit a button or something.

Ginger: First? That IS a horror movie. Second? You take accidental pictures with your phone a lot.

Ruby: …let’s focus on the more important issue.

Ginger: Okay.

Ruby: Why don’t you tell me what the “more important issue” is in your world.

Ginger: That is not a tree. It’s a horror movie.

Ruby: …that’s a tree.

Ginger: Then I am terrified for the people of Canada.

Ruby: Why?

Ginger: What is THAT on the tree?

Ruby: …a spiderweb?

Ginger: The last time I saw a spiderweb that size, it was in a little forest called Mirkwood. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? A hobbit and some dwarves tried to pass through it once.

Ruby: …what?

Ginger: Look at the size of that spiderweb!

Ruby: …okay?

Ginger: Is that a normal sized tree?

Ruby: …yes?

Ginger: Did it tower over you?

Ruby: In a tree-like fashion. Yes.

Ginger: Then think about the size of the spider that had to spin that web!

Ruby: …it’s not just ONE spider, Ginger. It’s a lot of spiders that sort of live together.

Ginger: Are you sure? I don’t recall spiders being very social creatures.

Ruby: It’s like a spider-city. They all have apartments, so they live close together, but still separately.

Ginger: …okay. I can see that. I guess.

Ruby: Good. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Ginger: I can see the tiny el tracks and the spider museums…

Ruby: I really should have seen that coming.

Ginger: This one here has a spider stadium…and a spider restaurant…

Ruby: Curiosity begs I ask…

Ginger: Hmm?

Ruby: Why did you think it was a horror movie when you first saw the picture? You name spiders you find in your home and refuse to kill them.

Ginger: I name spiders in my home and refuse to kill them if they agree to live by the rules. Spiders that big would have a name…but it would not get to live in my home. It’s too big to abide by Rule #5.

Ruby: Which is…?

Ginger: Under no circumstances is it allowed to be larger than my shoe.

Ruby: That’s a good rule.


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