Not Everyone Dreams Of Paris Vacations

Ruby: Hey, Ginger…?

Ginger: Yo.

Ruby: Why is my computer suggesting haunted hotels for my next vacation?

Ginger: Why are you asking me? Maybe Fly wants to see a ghost.

Ruby: I’m sorry. You are absolutely right. My husband, who has never shown the slightest hint of an inclination to see a ghost the entire time I have known him, could have been the last person on my computer.

Ginger: Or your computer is haunted. That’s also a possibility.

Ruby: Let’s call that a less-likely scenario.

Ginger: It’s possible that your computer got haunted and THEN Fly wondered about haunted hotels.

Ruby: You realize that with every “solution” you offer, you really only get further from reality, right?

Ginger: I’ve never really been a fan of reality.

Ruby: I’ve noticed.

Ginger: Can I go now? I was making a snack.

Ruby: What were you making and how much of a mess will I need to clean?

Ginger: ……I was microwaving some marshmallows.

Ruby: Did you make any for me?

Ginger: Depends, did you want the chocolate syrup drizzled on yours?

Ruby: Obviously.

Ginger: Then, yes. Yes, I did make some for you.

Ruby: Hey, Ginger?

Ginger: Yes?

Ruby: I will not stay in a haunted hotel with you.

Ginger: I know. But my sister doesn’t know the hotels are haunted if I look it up on your computer.

Ruby: I feel like I should call her…

Ginger: Not if you want this snack…

Ruby: ……….what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Ginger: I hoped you’d see it my way.


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