Promises, Promises…

Ginger: I like penguins.

Ruby: I’m….happy for you?

Ginger: I’m just saying I like penguins.

Ruby: And I’m happy for you. A little confused, but happy.

Ginger: Why are you confused?

Ruby: We’re watching a commercial for motor oil and you are, without warning, discussing penguins.

Ginger: Well, yeah. Penguins were on my mind.

Ruby: Why?

Ginger: Because it’s cold outside and penguins live in cold climates.

Ruby: This is true. But…again…we were watching nothing that has to do with penguins.

Ginger: Were you thinking about motor oil during that commercial?

Ruby: At the start? Yes. And then a moment later, no. I was thinking about penguins.

Ginger: It must be that commercial….

Ruby: Or the fact you randomly brought up penguins.

Ginger: I’ve never randomly brought up penguins. I have never raised penguins in my life.

Ruby: You brought them up in conversation.

Ginger: Oh. That. I did do that.

Ruby: Actually, you’ve been doing that all week.

Ginger: Have I?

Ruby: Yes. Monday, when we were talking about getting coffee, you told me penguins don’t drink coffee.

Ginger: I did say that.

Ruby: And then Tuesday, when Fly was asking if we wanted dinner, you explained that penguins have the same thing for dinner every day.

Ginger: Well, it is true. Their diet is pretty much mono-tastic.

Ruby: And then Thursday, you pointed at a tuxedo in a store window and said you liked the penguin suit.

Ginger: That’s sorta stretching the point, Ruby.

Ruby: Ginger, I’m going to be very clear on this, okay?

Ginger: Okay…?

Ruby: I am not buying you a pet penguin for Christmas.

Ginger: But Lightbulb is LONELY!! You should see him cuddle up to my stuffed animals and cluck softly, waiting for them to reply!!

Ruby: First of all? It’s too early to start telling me your Christmas list—

Ginger: The commercials on TV don’t think so. Also, I assumed getting a live penguin would take longer than the 4 weeks of Advent would allow.


Ginger: Look, I understand your desire to keep it a secret. Telling me what you’re getting me for Christmas is considered cheating. I was just hoping that if you WERE, you would give me enough prep time so I can acclimatize Lightbulb to a slightly chillier temperature.


Ginger: …I’ll get you a Totoro for Chanukah.

Ruby: …a life-size one?

Ginger: I can make that happen.

Ruby: I’ll see what I can do about the penguin.

Ginger: Deal.


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