Long Lent

Ginger: Ruby? Are you home?

Ruby: Ginger? Is it really you?

Ginger: …is that a trick question?

Ruby: I was beginning to think you gave up visiting us for Lent.

Ginger: I kind of did…but not intentionally.

Ruby: This requires an explanation.

Ginger: I gave up putting myself in situations wherein I found myself wanting to explain what should be simple things to what turns out to be simple-minded people. As a result, I had to stop taking the bus. As a result, I had to stop visiting you.

Ruby: But you’re here now.

Ginger: Yes. A friend was driving this way, so I asked her to drop me off.

Ruby: Interesting. How were you planning on getting home?

Ginger: Batting my eyes and showing off my ankles?

Ruby: Good plan. Let me know if it works.

Ginger: You can make all the idle threats you want. I brought Tim Tams.

Ruby: If you want my advice, skip the ankle-peep and just flash the Aussie biscuits.

Ginger: …phrasing…

Ruby: Sorry.

Ginger: Is Fly home?

Ruby: Not yet. He got pulled into a surgery. Why?

Ginger: I might have eaten a few of the Tim Tams. There might be enough for you and….you.

Ruby: How many Tim Tams did you bring?

Ginger: If you count the two I saved for you…..two.

Ruby: We just won’t tell Fly about it this time…

Ginger: Have we told him about the other times I brought you Tim Tams and we didn’t save any for him?

Ruby: Not if you still want that ride home tonight…

Ginger: Got it.


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