Over Committed

Ginger: Ruby? Jewel of my life?

Ruby: Ginger? Spice of my entree?

Ginger: I need you to drive me to the pet store.

Ruby: I’m not helping you get another fish. You always kill them in previously inexplicable ways.

Ginger: I’m not getting a fish.

Ruby: Right. That’s what I just told you.

Ginger: I’m getting a snake.

Ruby: …can’t you just get into Pokémon like a normal nerdy girl?

Ginger: I saw a mouse in my kitchen. I need a snake. I have it all picked out.

Ruby: There are other options.

Ginger: Look, do you remember the cockroach that was as big as a small poodle? And the spiders that were big enough to eat my shoe?

Ruby: Yes. Yes, I do.

Ginger: When have I ever had a normal pest problem?

Ruby: So…a snake, you say?

Ginger: Yes. I’m going to call him Sir Fluffikins of the Table de Cafe and if I do a good job caring for him, he could live to be 30 years old.

Ruby: That’s a big commitment, Ginger.

Ginger: So is getting married and having children, but people continue to do that.

Ruby: …..so a snake, you say?

Ginger: The guy at the pet store insisted I should not start a riot by taking Sir Fluffikins home on the bus, so I need a ride.

Ruby: What have you told Lightbulb?

Ginger: “Don’t go near the coffee table anymore.”

Ruby: You know chickens catch mice, too, right?

Ginger: Remember the cartoon Tom & Jerry?

Ruby: Lightbulb is like the cat?

Ginger: Lightbulb is still watching that on my TV at home. He isn’t very good at real life.

Ruby: They say pets resemble their owners…….


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