Siren Song of The C:\ Drive

Ruby: Ginger, what did you do to my computer?

Ginger: Which time?

Ruby: Recently. I’m looking for a folder and everything has been renamed.

Ginger: How do you know it wasn’t your husband?

Ruby: Because he rarely names a folder “Second Star To The Left.”

Ginger: That is your folder of documents that have to do with tax information. You know how I know that?

Ruby: Because you renamed my folder?

Ginger: Well, that, too. But because the directions to Never-Never Land are Second Star to the RIGHT. That means in order to get back to earth, you’d have to reverse the direction.


Ginger: You said I had to entertain myself. So I went to play Minesweeper on your computer, but I couldn’t find it.

Ruby: That’s because I don’t HAVE Minesweeper on my computer.

Ginger: Well, now you kinda do… Each folder has a certain number of files in it and a document with clues about where the bomb.png is located.

Ruby: Bomb.png?

Ginger: Yeah. I drew it in Paintbrush and then saved a bunch of copies all over the place.

Ruby: You realize I will have my revenge, right?

Ginger: I know. Which is why the folder called “Here Be Dragons” has a map of where I put your documents and pictures and stuff.

Ruby: That doesn’t make up for this chaos.

Ginger: It might, if you gave it a solid effort.

Ruby: Remember that when you can’t find your coffee.

Ginger: ………..I can put it all back. The way you had it. I promise!


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