About Major Characters

Ruby Flash – Ruby is in her late twenties, she was born in Connecticut to two loving parents who loved her so much they brought in another darling Flash to this world (Ruby’s sister, Beth). Ruby’s hair is a beautiful shade of deep auburn and her eyes are a sparkling shade of green. Or hazel. Or greenish hazel. She loves her sweetheart significant other, Fly. She is occupied by her job (computer guru), her hobbies (reading trashy romance novels, playing world-domination-computer games, just to name a few) and spending time keeping Ginger from…well, usually from completing whatever Ginger’s plans are that day – but only if it would harm someone. Often it does.

Ginger Blaze – Ginger is in her mid-twenties and she was born in Illinois to two loving parents who already had a passel of children and decided to keep going even after Ginger graced the world with her presence. Ginger insists she can’t count and that’s why the world may never know how many siblings she actually has. Ruby has counted at least 4 brothers and 1 sister, but she may have missed a few. Ginger’s hair is a light brown shade her mother insists is blonde and she’s never publicly removed her shades (as far as she’ll admit). She is currently single, but it doesn’t seem to bother her, since apparently dating takes up time she’d rather spend painting her nails with intricate designs, correcting the grammar and spelling in graffiti, visiting conventions and, of course, keeping Ruby on her toes. She works, but only to pay the bills.

Fly – Fly is Ruby’s darling husband. Ginger has only ever introduced him as ‘Fly’ since she discovered his full Thai name was far too complicated for her to actually manage without cue cards. Ginger and Ruby insist the word is involved within his first name. Fly has, by now, accepted this. He is somewhere in between mid-and-late twenties. He is a doctor, a genius one, who is simply crazy about his beloved Ruby…and, as a result, considers Ginger part of the package.


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